Razor Technology

Website Design & Branding

Razor Technology (Razor Tech), a leading end-to-end infrastructure solutions provider and one of our favorite clients, had an existing Drupal website on the verge of becoming outdated and in need of a user experience and SEO content overhaul. And although Razor Tech is a burgeoning and reputable name in their space, it was clear a holistic branding uplift initiative would significantly and positively impact their opportunity for even more rapid growth. In addition to the real world expertise, unparalleled infrastructure and sophisticated cloud services Razor Tech provides their clients, one of the most significant values they deliver is reliable guidance, partnership and advice. They genuinely act as their clients’ trusted advisor and help them navigate the complex and highly nuanced landscape of IT. Razor Tech’s brand needed to showcase this profound differentiating value. The new website, product slicks, email templates, sales support materials and digital assets had to encompass messaging, imagery and a user experience that spoke to this. Just as important, the “human” element had to be represented in an honest way that reflected the personal relationship Razor Tech strives to create with each of its customers.

Leveraging information and insight learned during deep-dive discovery sessions with Razor Tech’s Managing Partners, executives and sales team, Stratus produced a website rich with search engine optimized content and messaging, conversion opportunities, crisp modern imagery and ample white space. Prior to redesigning, their site was primarily monochromatic with an overabundance of blacks/blues/grays. Additionally, the former site neglected use of people-focused imagery and had difficulty evoking emotion. Today, it showcases bright, bold colors, engaging calls-to-action, images with real people, and a simplified user experience. To ensure the new website’s success in accomplishing lead generation and conversion goals, we reorganized their site architecture to match the current offerings and designed their homepage to promote and sell those offerings more efficiently. To complement the new website, Stratus also redesigned Razor Tech’s existing logo and content offers as well as developed fresh lead-generation content offers to support the new messaging and branding guidelines. We are super excited to continue exceeding Razor Technology’s expectations and can’t wait to watch them grow! Take a look at our work below: