Corp U

Generating Fortune 500 Leads is Just the Beginning

CorpU is changing the game of online learning for the world’s leading businesses and organizations. The term “pioneers” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Their methodology and technology is revolutionary for the learning community, but they needed a marketing strategy to promote it. That’s where Stratus came in. We developed a strategic inbound marketing plan for CorpU with a heavy focus on lead generation. The primary goal? To drive qualified leads using targeted

benefit and outcome messaging while nurturing those leads until they were ready for the CorpU sales team. A concentrated blend of email marketing and automated nurturing workflows has helped CorpU close several new Fortune 500 clients and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Analytics let us take it even further, making the smartest, most resource-effective marketing decisions designed to replicate success over and over for the CorpU team.