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We Are Not Your Typical Marketing Agency

The Stratus Story

In 2006, our CEO, Kymberly Robinson, was busy running a successful web design boutique known as Blue Ruby when her former boss and mentor presented an opportunity to purchase Stratus Communications—the company where she cut her teeth as an Art Director over a decade before.

After three years, Blue Ruby and Stratus Communications merged to become the full service digital marketing agency that is now Stratus Interactive. We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing in the most authentic and measurable way possible.

Today we’re a team of Thinkers, Doers and Creators that exists to solve our clients’ pain by developing and implementing marketing and website strategies built to optimize a user’s experience, close the loop between marketing and sales, and make our clients wildly successful. Everyone on our team has deep expertise in their craft whether it’s User Experience, Inbound Marketing, SEO, HubSpot, Social Media, Media Plans, Client Strategy, Responsive Website Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Content Creation, Sales and CRM Strategy or Mobile Design!

This enables us to keep all of our clients’ work, projects and deliverables in-house, because even though technology, social media, and the internet has made the world a much smaller place to do business, our clients find comfort knowing their marketing partner is internally equipped to achieve their growth goals and vision.

Three words summarize Stratus’ future- Culture, Authenticity and Growth. The agency is growing gangbusters style because of the non-negotiable emphasis we’ve placed on building a culture dedicated to helping our clients achieve success, and it’s working because of our unapologetically authentic approach to everything we touch from sales to marketing to client interaction.

As individuals, we’re strong. But as a team, we’re unstoppable—and we’re just getting started.



Thinkers focus on Strategy and Analysis, building actionable roadmaps to guide your overall marketing strategy and dive into your metrics to analyze how your plan is working. Our thinkers develop customer acquisition strategies, qualified lead generation plans, inbound marketing content strategies and client retention strategies–and they do it with your unique business goals in mind. Our thinkers focus on accountability, alignment, and set the wheels in motion for actionable success.



Doers are the ones who do. They execute. They’re in the trenches every day, implementing the activities necessary to bring your strategic roadmap to fruition. From launching email campaigns and posting social media, to maintaining your SEO and developing engaging content, our Doers keep the marketing engine fueled and ready to roll. They have a laser-like focus on your strategic marketing plan and are quick to communicate vital account information to the rest of the Stratus team. Doers are, quite candidly, the glue that holds our agency together.



Creators make the magic happen. They produce creative and technology assets that win awards and internalize the client’s unique needs. Creators focus on user experience from concept to delivery. They view each project through lead-generation lenses and understand how every asset works to Attract, Convert, Close and Delight prospects and customers. Each creator intimately understands the necessity of producing work with a higher purpose of building, strengthening, and cementing your client relationships. They are experts of their craft, and their output is, frankly, magical.


Located in the Heart of West Chester, PA

Our Culture

Building a culture we’re proud of hasn’t necessarily been easy. It’s involved humility, fall-down moments and even some brutally honest conversations. But the payoff to Stratus’ culture commitment has been profound, resulting in a team of people and agency philosophy deeply rooted in a fundamental need to serve, solve, and succeed for our clients. Finding employees who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly and with honest transparency is a challenge, but it makes finding the gems that much more rewarding!

The right cultural fit makes all the difference, not just to the fibers of Stratus but most importantly, to the clients who depend on each of us to be their partner, advisor, confidant and advocate.

Some may call us quirky, but our culture is what compels clients to forge long-term partnerships with our team. We’re super proud that the dynamic and values we hold true makes our clients want to keep working with us year after year. We’re an agency that values dedication to our clients’ happiness, praises originality, nurtures individual growth, encourages constructive critiquing, and demands nothing less than excellence. Our culture isn’t fabricated or just for show—it’s a relentless expression of how our unique personalities and skills all work together towards a better, brighter and bolder agency.

Community Outreach

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” -Anonymous

Community to Stratus means everything, so we give back and embrace it at every opportunity. West Chester, PA is boiling over with do-gooders and do-betters, and we feel privileged to call “DubC” our work home. You know that feeling you get when you help someone? That endorphin-pumping, perma-grin, let’s-do-this-again-soon excitement? We can’t get enough of it and it’s the reason our team is always on the prowl for volunteering opportunities, non-profit gratis work, and admirable causes to support.

It goes way beyond good business karma. It’s just good life karma.

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